Registration Service

The Annual tax renewal due date will be the same as the registration date, you can notice the expiry date from the tax sticker, from the registration book on the owner and the tax record page. The hire-purchaser of the company can notice from the installment receipt and the tax extension reminding service before the expiry date approximately 45 days or you can pay before the expiry date 3 months ahead.

For the customer who wants to use the tax renewal service of the company, please pay the tax fee and the service charge as being advice in the company’s bill payment or pay at the company with the documents bellows. After you have completely paid the tax fee and enclose the documents, you will received the tax sticker within 2-3 days via registered postal or collect by yourself at the company.

Details Hire Purchase Customer The Individual
The tax renewal documents 1. The vehicle, which has been registered for more than 7 years use the vehicle inspection report from the private car inspection center. The record has to be within 3 months after the inspection. For overdue report, please re-check the vehicle before the renewal.
2. The original act or the part, which use to pay the vehicle tax for the customer whose policy has failed.
3. The registration book. Please keep the receipt and the sticker with you until the registration book has been record.
1. Same as the hire-purchase customer.
Special condition 1. Truck and Taxi: Please check the vehicle at the department of land transport at the appointment date.
2.Truck and Taxi: the insurance policy application and the act