Financial / Lease

Loans for hire purchase/leasing for hire purchase/leasing is the medium loan service (1-5 years) for capital investment used in production and/or commerce such as machinery, metallurgy, machines for plastics, heavy machinery, vehicles (personal cars, trucks and trailers) office equipment, computer, etc. The lessee/hire purchaser shall make the selection on the specification of the machinery, conditions on the warranty and after-sales service, including negotiations with the machine seller and notifies the details to BGPL for ordering and paying for the machine price on his behalf.

Advantages of the hire purchase/leasing

  1. It is an alternative capital source to preserve the existing capital for other uses.
  2. It can extend the investment in time for the market demand.
  3. It can help prevent the risk from the change of interest rate due to using the fixed interest rate throughout the
  4. It needs no other assets to use as a guarantee.
  5. It can change the assets to capital (sale & leaseback).
  6. It can help to maintain liquidity of the business due to no investment in buying the assets in cash.
  7. The form of repayment can be chosen to be consistent with the cash flow of the business.

Qualifications of the lessee/hire purchaser

  1. It is a legal entity that has registered a minimum of 3 years, or else it must have a company in the group to guarantee it.
  2. It has the net profit a minimum of two years.
  3. Its monthly revenue has a minimum of 1 million baht.
  4. Its credit is about 1 million baht and up.
  5. It has no problem with a financial institution.

Documents supplement the loan consideration

  1. A copy of the articles of incorporation with objectives (within 3 months) with a list of the shareholders.
  2. A copy of the ID card and House Registration of the authorized persons and the guarantor.
  3. A copy of the VAT 20 and VAT 30 registration forms.
  4. A copy of the financial statement in retrospective for 3 years.
  5. A copy of the main bank account in retroactive for 6 months.
  6. A copy of the machine quotation.

Preliminary Conditions

  1. It can be provided leasing/hire purchase for 70-90% of the asset value.
  2. The hire purchase duration is from 1-4 years.
  3. Two guarantors being a director or major shareholder are required.

For more details please contact 02-679-6226 and 0-26796262