“The true value of machinery is measured by its usage, not by its ownership” can best describe the essence of leasing. BGPL server its customers by providing assets instead of fund. When entrepreneurs seek to invest in new capital assets, they can approach BGPL to purchase the asset on their behalf and in turn lease the assets from BGPL.


  1. The lease payment is a tax-deductible expense.
  2. There is no requirement for collateral
  3. Bank credit line can be reserved to allow better funding flexibility.
  4. Long-term financing and fixed lease repayments make cost control easier.
  5. Letter of credit opened for leased assets can be arranged.
  6. Fast and simple application procedures facilitate easy access to plentiful funding resources.
  7. Inflation is hedged and budgeting is less restricted.
  8. Manufacturing facilities are timely upgraded and technological improvement facilitated.